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Rainbow Railroad Joins Forces with Latin American Partners in Mexico City to Launch Network for LGBTQI+ Refugees

Rainbow Railroad Joins Forces with Latin American Partners... Rainbow Railroad Joins Forces with Latin American Partners...

In a powerful show of solidarity and support, Rainbow Railroad took part in the official launch of the Latin American Network on Forced Displacement in Mexico City from May 15 to 17. This pivotal event brought together queer organizations from across Latin America, united in their mission to address the urgent challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals forced to flee their homes through various migration routes in Latin America.

The network’s creation stems from a dire need to provide targeted support and advocacy for LGBTQI+ people on the move. With many countries in the region posing significant risks to queer individuals, the network fills a crucial gap. It’s a unique, collective effort focused on addressing LGBTQI+ human mobility.

Rainbow Railroad’s Senior Policy Research Officer, Hazem G, and Director, Cash Assistance & Emergency Travel Support, Adriana Espinosa, signing the declaration as allies of the network.

Held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the launch saw participation from several embassies, including the American and Canadian Embassies, along with Mexican officials and the United Nations Refugee Agency. The event’s timing, coinciding with the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia on May 17, underscored the global commitment to combating LGBTQI+ discrimination.

Rainbow Railroad’s role was significant. As a sub-granting organization of the ACTIF (Act Together for Inclusion Fund), the project that helped establish the network, we were not only witnesses but active participants, signing the declaration as allies of the network. This involvement highlights our dedication to supporting international initiatives that protect LGBTQI+ rights.

Permanent members of the network celebrate after signing the constitution.

The network comprises a remarkable coalition of organizations working tirelessly to support LGBTQI+ individuals across Latin America. These include Casa Frida from Mexico, Derechos Humanos y Diversidad AC from Argentina, Corporación Red Somos from Colombia, Asociación Lambda from Guatemala, and many others from countries including Venezuela, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Honduras.

Danilo Manzano, Executive Director of Diálogo Diverso, delivers remarks at the Latin American Network on Forced Displacement launch in Mexico City.

Danilo Manzano, the Executive Director of Diálogo Diverso and the current secretariat of the network, shares valuable insights on the network’s inception and its vital role: “The network was established to fill a critical gap, ensuring coordinated support for LGBTQI+ individuals in forced displacement. Its unique focus and collective governance make it stand out.” Danilo also highlights the importance of strengthening the network’s capacity and international advocacy efforts.

Looking forward, the network aims to secure funding for people living with HIV within its portfolio and enhance its internal structures for better international advocacy. Rainbow Railroad remains committed to collaborating with the network, identifying global opportunities for advocacy, and addressing the broader issues of forced displacement.

Our participation in the Latin American Network on Forced Displacement launch is a testament to our ongoing commitment to global LGBTQI+ rights. By supporting initiatives like this, we continue to advocate for the safety and dignity of LGBTQI+ individuals worldwide, ensuring that those forced to flee their homes receive the support and protection they need.