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2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report

Rainbow Railroad’s 2021 Annual Report analyzes the issues being faced by LGBTQI+ people globally through the lens of the data Rainbow Railroad has collected over the course of 2021.

This report paints what is no doubt a stark global picture of the current state of the migrant crisis and the global LGBTQI+ rights movement. But, in the face of these challenges, and despite the continued impact of COVID-19, the increasing propensity of global geopolitical crises, and increasing factors of displacement, Rainbow Railroad provided support to 1,812 LGBTQI+ individuals in 2021 – more than triple the 503 helped in 2020. In addition, we provided emergency evacuation assistance to 206 people – a record number.

Our goal is that sharing this information will ultimately lead to more pathways to safety for people in need and better policies for LGBTQI+ persons who are forcibly displaced all around the world.