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Spring 2023 Donor Impact Report

Spring 2023 Donor Impact Report Spring 2023 Donor Impact Report

As Rainbow Railroad proceeded under its 2020-22 strategic plan, the COVID pandemic challenged us to develop a new agility in delivering support to LGBTQI+ persons in need. In the face of travel interruptions, we were able to maintain the assistance of almost 4,500 individuals through newly created programming centered around in-country resource facilitation, cash support, and partnership development. Simultaneously, we were still able to successfully relocate more than 600 people in this period through the Emergency Travel Support program.

Sociopolitical developments across the globe suggest we will see a steady climb in LGBTQI+ persons reaching out for help through 2023. With the continued efforts of our supporters and allies like you, we can meet the challenge with greater empowerment than ever before.

You can read the full report here, or access it below to dive into the results of Rainbow Railroad’s work over our most recent strategic plan, spotlights on partners and an update on our 2022 year-end.