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Rainbow Railroad Launches 2023 Annual Report: Understanding the State of Global LGBTQI+ Persecution

Rainbow Railroad Launches 2023 Annual Report: Understanding... Rainbow Railroad Launches 2023 Annual Report: Understanding...

In 2023, Rainbow Railroad received over 15,000 requests for help and provided support to 7,265 at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals around the world. Our Annual Report reflects the resilience of our community and the challenges we confront, offering insights from those we support, with the help of our invaluable partners.

This report, which compiles witness accounts of LGBTQI+ persecution from around the world, demonstrates the strong trust that exists between Rainbow Railroad and individuals at risk. 

In the face of a troubling global rollback of LGBTQI+ rights, we know that our advocacy is an indispensable force for change and progress. We must challenge oppressive systems, demand action and accountability from governments, and foster solidarity internationally. Our mission stands clear, the need for our work has never been more stark. 

We collect data that is unique, offering insights into the experiences of individuals who reach out to us, as well as the broader landscape of the global queer forced displacement. This report is a snapshot of key data collected to inform our decision-making processes, which empowers us to enhance systems and prioritize advocacy efforts. 

We continue to leverage multilateral fora and international credibility to advocate and defend LGBTQI+ rights globally. Our efforts to secure government referral pathways have not only amplified protection and resettlement opportunities for LGBTQI+ individuals navigating displacement but have also yielded policy victories through strategic partnerships with the Canadian and US governments. 

June 20th is World Refugee Day, and this month is Pride Month. However, our work helping at-risk LGBTQI+ people is year-round. We are proud to share this report and use these findings to advocate for justice and protection for LGBTQI+ people at risk. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our community of supporters for making this work possible. We hope that, in reading this report, you will appreciate the impact of your support and solidarity. You can support Rainbow Railroad’s work today.

You can download the full annual report in PDF format, or read it below. You can also download the executive summary, which provides a high-level overview of the contents of this year’s report.