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Sponsor a Newcomer

You can help a newcomer adjust to their new life in a safer country.

Sponsor a Newcomer Sponsor a Newcomer

Fundraise for Upcoming Arrivals

Rainbow Railroad assists hundreds of people to safety across borders each year. But, settling into a new country is costly. Many people Rainbow Railroad helps to safety find themselves no longer persecuted for who they are or who they love, but need financial assistance starting their new lives.

You can view the stories of some of our current newcomers and contribute to their resettlement in their new country. Harness your networks of friends, family and office to fundraise for a newcomer!

Create a Settlement Team

Rainbow Railroad’s Private Sponsorship Program (PSR) collaborates with organizations and settlement teams to support newcomers.

Support for newcomers typically span a year, at approximately CAD $23,000 for their first year in Canada. The Government of Canada provides 3-6 months of financial support, depending on the program and case. The remaining financial supports (in the range of CAD$12,000 and $16,000) is provided by settlement teams with support from Rainbow Railroad. This is usually done through collaborative fundraising efforts.

Rainbow Railroad provides support through the application processes in addition to offering resources to help the LGBTQI+ newcomer resettle and adjust to their life in Canada. Settlement teams are integral to newcomer adjustment.

If you have the capacity and passion for helping and welcoming LGBTQI+ newcomers, Rainbow Railroad encourages you to fill out the form below.

Further questions about this program can be sent to [email protected]

Sponsor a Case

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Knowledge of your sexual orientation helps us to understand lived experience, contributing to creating supportive matches with newcomers
Knowledge of your gender identity helps us to understand lived experience, contributing to creating supportive matches with newcomers
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