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Welcome Corps - a new program that will allow LGTBQI+ people to resettle in the United States

Welcome Corps - a new program that will allow LGTBQI+... Welcome Corps - a new program that will allow LGTBQI+...

Rainbow Railroad celebrates the launch of Welcome Corps, a new U.S. government program that allows everyday Americans to privately sponsor refugees from around the world. 

This program represents a major step in the Biden administration’s goal of advancing LGBTQI+ rights worldwide. LGBTQI+ people are facing increasing persecution around the world and ensuring that LGBTQI+ refugees have access to support networks and targeted services when they arrive in their destination country is critical. 

We are excited to see the impact of this program, which will empower communities of care – LGBTQI+ Americans supporting LGBTQI+ refugees. This program will help at-risk LGBTQI+ people get to safety across the United States. As an organization with extensive experience and expertise in private sponsorship, including in Canada, Rainbow Railroad was proud to be a consultative partner in the development of this new U.S. program, advocating for a model that will support LGBTQI+ persons at risk. 

We are excited to be recognized as a private sponsorship organization by the U.S. consortium which is going to be operating this private sponsorship program. This is an important moment for global LGBTQI+ rights and the advancement of refugee support in the United States, and we look forward to the opportunity to get more at-risk LGBTQI+ people to safety through this new program. 

Rainbow Railroad will be hosting strategic consultations with LGBTQI+ community members across the country as we build our program. 

Register to learn more about U.S. Private Sponsorship here.