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How we work

How we work How we work

Emergency Travel Support for LGBTQI+ folks at risk

Providing emergency travel to LGBTQI+ people facing imminent danger is our core method of work. This involves 3 key steps: 

1. Verification: We verify each case, learn about the circumstances of the individual facing persecution and begin determining how we can help.

2. Research & Support: We research possible routes to safety and connect with local contacts who provide logistical support. This includes providing support to the individual in-country (e.g safehouses).

3. Travel: We provide travel to a safer country where the person’s basic rights and freedoms are upheld. 

Upon arrival, we provide limited, short-term support to help people settle in.

In addition to emergency travel, Rainbow Railroad provides safety to LGBTQI+ people around the world in five additional ways: 

Lifesaving support to individuals in imminent danger
Support includes accommodation, medical care, access to essential medicines and relocation to another region of the country.
Direct support of LGBTQI+ partner organizations
Direct capacity building and livelihood support to human rights defenders, organizations and collectives in countries where people are displaced.
Emergency responses to crackdowns on LGBTQI+ people
Monitoring and responding to mass detentions and/or arrests of LGBTQI+ persons.
Essential information to LGBTQI+ people at risk
Providing essential non-monetary resources and counsel to LGBTQI+ people facing violence and persecution. 
Private sponsorship of refugees
Arranging for the private sponsorship of refugees and pursuing other complementary pathways to safety.