We help LGBT people escape state-sponsored violence.

Who We Help


In 2019, our executive director Kimahli Powell travelled to Argentina to explore whether the country could become a more significant destination for the people we help flee persecution. One of the people we were able to help to safety in Argentina is Fitzroy from Jamaica.

Growing up, Fitzroy faced extreme violence. When he was 16, his family discovered he was gay and tried to kill him. He fled his hometown to Montego Bay, where he took refuge in an abandoned house with other gay people who had fled their homes. Destitute, hopeless and suicidal, he lived day-to-day, doing sex-work to stay alive.

These days, thanks to us and volunteers and civil society organizations in Argentina, Fitzroy resides in Buenos Aires. For the first time in his life, Fitzroy recently told us, people see him for himself, rather than judging him harshly because of his sexual orientation.