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Support an LGBTQI+ Refugee in the US

Rainbow Railroad is excited to partner with the Welcome
Corps program to resettle LGBTQI+ refugees throughout the United States.

What Does Support Look Like?

Do you want to make a difference in an LGBTQI+ refugee’s life? Through a new federal program being implemented by Rainbow Railroad throughout the U.S., you can help queer and trans newcomers access a dignified life free from persecution. The new Welcome Corps program empowers five everyday Americans to come together to welcome an LGBTQI+ refugee into their community. By forming a Community of Care, you can provide critical support for an LGBTQI+ newcomer, helping them with important tasks like finding housing, securing employment, and accessing healthcare and other resources in their first 90 days in the U.S.– with training and ongoing support from Rainbow Railroad. Learn more and apply today.

Learn more about Rainbow Railroad’s involvement with the Welcome Corps program below.