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Solidarity in Pride

This year alone, we’ve received over 4,853 requests for help from 143 countries.

Solidarity in Pride Solidarity in Pride

In over 60 countries around the world, queer and trans people face persecution for celebrating and affirming their LGBTQI+ identity, simply because of who they are or who they love. Against the rising global tide of anti-LGBTQI+ sentiment and legislation, we call for Solidarity in Pride and a collective commitment to queer liberation.

There are 110 million forcibly displaced people worldwide, and LGBTQI+ communities are uniquely vulnerable to the impact of forced displacement. We have an ambitious Strategic Plan to tackle this problem head-on, but we need your support. This work requires partnership and solidarity. 

Solidarity with the 15,000+ at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals who will reach out to us for support this year.

Solidarity with local partners we work alongside worldwide to fight anti-LGBTQI+ persecution.

Solidarity with our global community helping to create home and belonging for LGBTQI+ refugees

Until we are all free to celebrate and affirm our LGBTQI+ identity, there is work to be done to help at-risk LGBTQI+ people move from Persecution to Pride. This is a costly but critical undertaking, and with your solidarity, we can co-create a world where LGBTQI+ people can safely live, work, and play with dignity and pride.

Show your solidarity this Pride by donating to Rainbow Railroad and becoming a part of someone’s journey from Persecution to Pride. With your help, we can raise $2 million by June 30th, ensuring vital support for the thousands of individuals who will turn to Rainbow Railroad for assistance this year.

Every LGBTQI+ person deserves freedom. And every gift contributes to the vital resources that help us build community, home and belonging for at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals around the world.

Your time, voice, and passion can have a significant impact on the lives of LGBTQI+ individuals. Become a champion for Rainbow Railroad and fundraise in one of the following ways:


  • Create a fundraiser on our website and ask your community of friends, family and colleagues to contribute. Click here to access the toolkit you need to fundraise within your community.
  • If you’re a streamer, create a fundraising page on Tiltify and ask your followers to support Rainbow Railroad’s work throughout Pride month
  • Encourage your LGBTQI+ employee resource group to participate in Solidarity in Pride by fundraising in your workplace
  • As a small business owner and/or creative, donate a portion of your sales for June in support of Rainbow Railroad

Thank you for your continued support of our mission. Stay up to date with our work by signing up for our newsletter here.