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LGBTQI+ Afghans Need a Safe Way Out

LGBTQI+ Afghans Need a Safe Way Out LGBTQI+ Afghans Need a Safe Way Out

CALL TO ACTION: We urge the Government of Canada to work with Rainbow Railroad to evacuate and resettle LGBTQI+ refugees, from Afghanistan & around the world.

The Taliban is actively persecuting LGBTQI+ Afghans and their allies. Individuals we serve have had their phones and homes searched, their passports confiscated or burned, and continue to face the most extreme violence – from beatings to torture. They need urgent help. 

Right now, 300 LGBTQI+ Afghans are ready for imminent travel and resettlement in a safer country. But they’re stuck. 

Rainbow Railroad stands ready to partner with the Canadian Government to identify, triage, verify and support as many LGBTQI+ Afghans refugees as possible. Thanks to our intervention, 236 Afghans have already been resettled or are working through the resettlement process – and we are ready to do more.

Please, sign today, share with your networks, and support Rainbow Railroad in our efforts to help the LGBTQI+ Afghan community.