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Canadian Private Sponsorship

You can help a newcomer adjust to their new life in a safer country.

What is Private Sponsorship of Refugees?

There are many places around the world where coming out isn’t safe for LGBTQI+
people. Places where living authentically is difficult and dangerous due to state-
enabled homophobia and transphobia.

Rainbow Railroad’s Private Sponsorship Program (PSR) collaborates with organizations and settlement teams to support LGBTQI+ newcomers as they resettle in Toronto.

Individuals eligible for this program must meet the definition of a Convention refugee.
PSR is the only option for refugees who cannot return to their home country due to anti-LGBTQI+ persecution, and also cannot integrate in the country they currently reside in.

What is the role of a settlement team?

Every queer person deserves to find home, belonging, and freedom. Made up of volunteers, a settlement team supports an LGBTQI+ newcomer as they resettle in Toronto.
This process involves:

  • Fundraising to provide support for a newcomer’s arrival, and to support their first year in Canada
  • Getting matched with a newcomer, coordinating temporary housing in advance of their arrival, and welcoming them at the airport when they arrive
  • Helping them to access necessary social services, employment resources, and public benefits, fostering social connections, and orienting them to their new community
  • Rainbow Railroad provides support through the application processes and offers resources to help the LGBTQI+ newcomer resettle and adjust to their life in Toronto.

A volunteer’s contribution can make a monumental difference in the life of an LGBTQI+ newcomer.