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#60in60 2023

This year alone, we’ve received over 12,000 requests for help from 168 countries.

#60in60 2023 #60in60 2023

Rainbow Railroad is a non-profit organization that helps at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals get to safety around the world. Our work operates at the intersection of two global crises – forced human displacement and global LGBTQI+ criminalization/persecution.

As we head into the year-end giving season, Rainbow Railroad announces the return of the #60in60 fundraising campaign — a fundraiser to get LGBTQI+ people to safety.

With your help, we aim to raise enough funds over the final 60 days of the year to help at least 60 people get to safety through emergency evacuation, 60 people receive life-saving financial assistance, and 60 people receive information services, psychosocial and community supports.

Alongside our programmatic work, we continue to advocate for systemic change with governments, international organizations and multilateral institutions that would empower us to help tens of thousands of at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals.

Every LGBTQI+ person deserves freedom. And every gift contributes to the vital resources that help us build community, home and belonging for at-risk LGBTQI+ individuals around the world.

Our community of fundraisers is key to the success of our campaign. Click here to access the toolkit you need to fundraise within your community.